About Us

About Us

“Kalaabam” is a pure Tamil word which defines the peacock feather and it highly relates to our core ideation of creating authentic fabric in a traditional way using natural dye.

Having a hardcore passion and sincere dedication towards this craftsmanship, made the founder Mrs Janani Rathnakumar to steam up this startup in rejuvenating the traditional fabric creating approach in 2018.

We are a team of energetic budding aspirants entered into the arena of apparel manufacturing with unique and astonishing ideation that certainly revolutionize the entire industry.

Our similar thought process in enriching traditional apparel sculpting methods and social responsibility has paved the way towards the formation of creating a single brain with diversified executable hands.

Apparels, we deliver embeds natural fabric that includes organic dye (vegetables) instead of chemicals. These organic fabrics we provide is skin-friendly and hence founds to be a safe wearable.

These Organic apparels are hand-made which reflects our traditional values in the product moreover we carry out, a simple logistic process which involves no middle man, and hence the entire making charges reach the weavers without incurring any process deduction fee.

Apart from naturally made fabric, we also provide chemically blended apparels as a separate category of wearables to meet the surplus demand of our diversified client base.